Rules & Policies


Cancellations and Refunds


1. All deposits and entry fees are nonrefundable so as to cover the expenses associated with processing and/or reprocessing information.

2. Cancellation of any kind (i.e. entries, tickets, room nights, packages, etc.) made three (3) weeks prior to arrival are nonrefundable.

3. Cancellations due to injury or illness, substantiated by a valid medical report, shall be taken into consideration with regard to a hardship case credit. It is important to note, should a credit or refund be awarded, the organizer is entitled to retain a processing fee and/or costs already inucrred.

4. Acts of God, war, strikes, government regulations, disasters, civil unrest, labor disputes, transportation availability, shortage of materials or any other emergency making it inadvisable or impossible to provide the facility and/or services associated with the production of a ballroom dance event do not pose a refund situation.

5. Any student, professional, studio owner, or spectator making a claim, dispute, or nonpayment requiring the organizer to hire legal council shall be held solely liable and responsible for the cost of said legal council and any and all associated fees arising thereof.

All guidelines and forms herein are necessary to attend the South Open Dancesport Championships.

We have provided copies of all necessary forms and made them available to download. The Guidebook, Rules & Regulations are broken down by category in red. Simply click each of the categories to review or download the complete Guidebook, Rules & Regulations by following the instructions below:

Please see Registration -> Forms -> Download...Section to download complete copy of this document.