Interview with Larry Dean

Sep 12, 2012

Talking to Larry Dean is like living the history of Ballroom in Quickstep time!

I was on the edge of my seat, drawn to his tremendous energy. It was thrilling to learn how his commitment to the industry had grown into the Triple Crown and Crown Jewel competitions. Who would have thought that a paratrooper serving in Viet Nam would become an icon of Ballroom Dance? Even that young six-foot-tall soldier had no idea he would go from engineering submarines to designing the world's most luxurious dance competitions!

Dean first ventured onto an Arthur Murray dance floor to please a woman, but he soon learned there was more to the waltz, tango and foxtrot than meets the eye. The studio owner realized Larry's potential and offered him an opportunity to join the Arthur Murray team. He trained at night after working his full-time day job. He rode to the studio on his bicycle, his dance shoes safely under a poncho.

After dance became his full time job, Larry had the knack for turning studio after studio into successful operations. Before long, he struck out on his own as an independent. Ballroom event organizer, professional and Dancing with the Stars competitor Nick Kosovich refers to Larry as an all-around first class operator. He looks after everyone as family and sets the highest of standards for his events. "Larry," he said "takes pride in our industry. He creates fantasy competitions with his wife Dianne. Their names are synonymous with five star hotels, world class shows, superb ballrooms, stunning gifts, and a warm welcome."

For many years Open to the World at the Breakers was their signature competition. It attracted dancers and professionals from all over the world. According to competitor and seasoned professional Alan Williams "Larry sets the gold standard for elegance and prestige in the industry. His presence is felt in every detail of his competitions. Each event unfolds in splendor and perfection." Join us all in Sarasota at their Florida State Competition.

  • Interview with Larry Dean