Prize Money

South Open Top Awards

We strive to provide a plethora of opportunities to challenge our competitors and win big! Please click on the prize categories below for more details.

Teacher must dance in at least 3 of the 4 DST 2018 events to qualify.
Teacher points counts per every dance, except scholarships.
​Teacher must be present to receive awards.
​South Open Dancesport Championships 2017 will be counted as double points.

1st place - $5,000
​2nd place - $3,000
​3rd place - $1,500
4th place - $1,000
5th place - $500
6th place - $300
​7th place - $200

Total Prizes and Awards Value: $11,500.00

Top Teacher

1st Place

$6,500 (250 entries to qualify)

2nd Place

$4,500 (200 entries to qualify)

3rd Place

$3,000 (175 entries to qualify)

4th Place

$2,000 (150 entries to qualify)

5th Place

$1,000 (100 entries to qualify)


DST will RAISE purses as additional sponsorship, patrons, etc. are secured.

Teachers may be considered if they purchase a minimum 'B' package and 100 dance entries OR attend the event on a minimum 'B' package and have 3 or more students attending on a minimum 'B' package.